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Chicago: Dark Requiem Wiki


This is our Wiki for the game. We have some plans to spruce it up visually, and it's already quite effective functionally. Feel free to drop me (Robert, Player Rep) a bio for your character or a write-up for some IC location.


Just a reminder,


Chicago: Dark Requiem is having game this Saturday!


This game is showcasing the reopening of the Impressionist Wing of the Chicago Art Institute after it’s destruction by the fiendish Shade & his minions!

Artists, debutantes, philanthropists, and the who’s who of Chicago will be coming out of the woodwork.


Game Check in starts at 7pm and our game is on no later than 8pm.


We play at the Zhou B. Art Center

1029 W. 35th St.

Chicago, IL 60609

Catch us at:


As everyone can see we are going to start using this LJ community again!

Our main purpose is to post reminders and schedules but we would also like to use this community for healthy constructive discussions that will help increase everyone's enjoyment and knowledge of the game along with tips and tricks for costuming, acting, how to get into character, background concepts, etc.

So please feel free to post, comment, and encourage other players to friend this page!



Player Rep for C:DR

Influence Questions

Influence is due by midnight the Friday before any game night.  All influence should be emailed to cdr-influence@yahoogroups.com.  This includes downtime reports as well.  Furthermore, this Friday night I will be taking any influence questions from 1AM until 2AM Saturday morning, if anyone is up and around and wants to chat.  Find me on AIM at siberia23.  I will create a chatroom if enough people are interested.

If you have any general questions, you can also ask them here.


Mar. 30th, 2006

True or False: There is a game tonight...?

(sorry, I can't access the C:DR page @ work)

Couple things for Saturday...

(Cross-posted to CDR OOC list, personal LJ, and CDR LJ Group)

  1. Address is 7547 27th Avenue in Kenosha. Get off on 50. When 50 an 75th split take 75th. Turn right on 27th, and we're the red house just before the first intersection.
  2. We've reconsidered locking up the cats. Honestly, they'll hide from everyone anyway. However, if allergies are an issue, you should know.
  3. If you plan to be there after 1 AM, park on the odd-number side of the street. Kenosha will ticket you for parking on the wrong side.
  4. Driveway may only be used with explicit permission.
  5. Folding chairs are going to be very helpful. Seating is limited.
  6. If any special decorating is desired, contact Shana or me to make arrangements.

Any questions, give us a holler!

Poll #668574 Workshop Poll

Do you currently have a background written up for your C:DR character?


If you have a character background, have you submitted it to the current staff?

I have submitted it to past staff but not current staff
I don't have a background

Whether or not you already have a background, would you be interested in attending a background workshop?

Not sure
Updated: While the offer stands long-term, I'm mostly referring to the possible "lost game" on 25 February.

I know of a site with up to five large, usable rooms for roleplay, several with doors, as well as a table area for the STs to use. They even have one which is in a certain state of disrepair which would be perfect for the Nos...

The place is heated throughout, includes an enclosed smoking area separate from the main rooms. There are two bathrooms (with towels). Refrigerator space will be available... heck, microwave too if you're so inclined.

The owners happen are very gamer-friendly. They'd welcome, even encourage, non-destructive decoration for the rooms in use. They're willing to offer the site absolutely free. They'd also be willing to host players post-game if they wanted to break out the beverages of choice.

There are drawbacks. Street parking *might* be tricky, though it's never been a problem before. We'd need to provide some chairs, as seating can be limited. The owners do have cats, though they will probably be isolated for the night.

Oh yah, and it's in Kenosha.

Yes, you figured it out: Shana and I are offering our home as a game site. Trust me, this was one of the first things we thought of when we saw how big the house is. Abie, Jason, Rae and Ian can attest to our ability to host a reasonably sized game comfortably.

I realize the location north of the cheddar curtain may seem a bit daunting, but it's a) available and b) free. We'd just need a reasonable amount of notice in order to coordinate everything, like by 15 February.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Feb. 6th, 2006

What makes a good LARP?

Is it the players? Intricate plot? Personal plot? Amount of XP handed out?

What are some things that can make a LARP more fun?

We need to raise attendance, and these are the questions we should be asking ourselves. I know there's been a lot of talk about bringing in snacks to sell and handing out XP to increase attendance and revenue, but I think that those are only temporary solutions.

What can we do to make this game better?

Game Tonight

Just a reminder--if you do have a background that is already written up for your character, I encourage you to please bring it in tonight!

If you do not have a background written up and would like some help, I will probably be OOC all night, so don't be shy!